Aanu Gopald is a witty, delightful, Nigerian-American, with an unstoppable drive & dedication to change & innovation! She is the embodiment of “Agility”; speaking to her contagious energy, but moreso, to the Agile mindset, which entails unconventional ways of thinking and operating, with the goal of being stable & adaptive. Having coached over 10,000 people in the Agile space, it’s no secret that her disruptive style is well sought after, globally.

AG, as she is fondly called, is an action-oriented serial entrepreneur, business transformation coach, master facilitator, executive coach, trainer & global speaker with over two decades of experience partnering with leading companies in the UK, USA, and Africa to spearhead the transformation of organizational work lifestyles. 

Her drive & trailblazing achievements know no bounds, from being the first African to sit on the board of Scum Alliance Inc (the pioneer & leading Agile trade association in the world), to being the first African/African American certified team coach (CTC). It comes as no shock that she is also the first female black African/ African American to be certified as an enterprise coach (CEC). 

In response to the volatile, uncertain, complex, & ambiguous (VUCA) conditions that threaten the success & existence of businesses everyday, Aanu founded Aanu Gopald Consulting; an agile transformation consultancy that is invested in collaborating with organizations to assess, diagnose, improve & optimize efforts in order to ensure profitability & sustainability. 

Aanu is also the founder of Africa Agility foundation, a fast-rising NGO reintegrating marginalized talents in Africa. She is passionate about media, entertainment, and capacity development, and believes that every citizen of the world deserves to be empowered to function optimally, regardless of their social and personal limitations.

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